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Dr. Marco Aurélio Campos Peixoto
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Since he was young, Dr. Peixoto has shown certain skills for the arts and crafts. As a child he spent hours building entire cities out of clay, sculpting cars, buildings and even helicopters in great detail. Ever since then he has shown relentless ability in CONCENTRATIONPERFECTION and PERSISTANCE, rare for his age.

These qualities he inherited from his mother, a wise teacher who always put all of herself into what she did. From his father, a railroad worker with virtuous character and a spotless reputation, he inherited DISCIPLINE, the quest for EXCELLENCE, and the conviction that with hard work and DETERMINATION it is always possible to achieve our goals. He was raised with the values of MORALITYETHICSLOVE and RESPECT for others, social and environmental RESPONSIBILITY, and the constant need for IMPROVEMENT. Dr. Peixotograduated in medicine in 1990 at one of the most respected universities in Brazil, the School of Medicine at Universidade Federal de Minas Gerais (UFMG)in Belo Horizonte. It was there that he began his medical career as a monitor of the Pharmacology Department for a period of four years. At this time he displayed a taste for scientific reasoni... Read more!
Choices That Lead to a Successful Procedure
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How to Choose Your Plastic Surgeon.:
It is essential that the recommended doctor has a specialization in plastic surgery and is a member of the Brazilian Society of Plastic Surgery (BSPS). See the official site of the Brazilian Society of Plastic Surgery ( and make... Read more!

Dr. Peixoto attends his patients at NUCLEOMED, an advanced specialized medical center located at Avenida do Contorno 4614 – 7th floor, in Funcionários. Situated in a prime area of Belo Horizonte, in front of the Hospital Lifecenter... Read more!

Hospitais Credenciados.:
With a focus on SECURITY, TRANQUILITY, PRIVACY and the complete SATISFACTION of his patients, Dr. Peixoto carefully selects hospitals that conduct its operations. In order to offer not only cutting edge technology and sophisticated hospitality... Read more!
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Avenida do Contorno 4614 - 7º Andar, Bairro Funcionários - BH/MG
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55 31 3274.0009 - 3225.2019 - 3225.2472

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